Climbing Pico mountain on the Azores

This website contains all information you need to climb Pico mountain on the Azores archipelago. When we were traveling on the Azores ourselves, we searched for information before climbing Pico but found it hard to find all the details we were looking for. After climbing Pico mountain in February 2014, we decided to start this website so that future climbers can find all information in one place. Below you find a short description of what each section in the menu above covers:

  • Pico Mountain: a description of Pico mountain on the Azores, including a video with an amazing view of the volcano from the air.
  • How to get there: learn how to get to the starting point of your Pico climb and use Google Maps to plan your trip.
  • Registration: for your own safety, read this important information about registration before you start climbing Pico. Furthermore, the laws of the local Azores government  about being on Pico mountain are translated from Portuguese to English.
  • The Climb: a detailed description of what climbing Pico mountain is like including photos of the trail.
  • Gear: a list of things you should bring when climbing Pico on the Azores. 
  • Weather: current weather conditions on Pico mountain and webcam views of Pico from different islands of the Azores. 

We hope you find this website useful and we would love to hear from you on our Facebook page if you miss anything, have questions about climbing Pico mountain or if you simply want to share your own Azores experience!

Pico mountain on the Azores on a clear day.